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Who are we?

The Pathfinders Platoon is a unit of the British Army and an integral part of 16 Air Assault Brigade.

The Platoon acts as the Brigade's advance and reconnaissance force. The Platoon was deployed on a wide variety of operations between 1948 and 1977.

Our roles include locating and marking drop zones, helicopter landing zones for air landing operations, forward reconnaissance, convoy guidance, unconventional military support, hostage rescue preparation, guiding air support and artillery and working with special forces teams from various nations and being the first unit into the combat zone.


We started our campaign timeline from early 1970's and will persue it to present day conflicts, built in a realistic atmosphere by expert mission makers who create custom terrains, models and addons for us to enjoy a unique experience. Not only do we care greatly about realism, our main focus is the community that we have passionately built up over 5 years of playing.


We require all our members to attend at least twice a week to our operations.

Operations take place in the following days:


The time at which operations begin is: 19:30 British Time and last approximately 2H 30M.

How to join

We require you to fullfil the following conditions in order to apply:

  • You must have a working microphone;
  • You must be willing to play in team;
  • You must be 16 years old or older;
  • You must have a mature and relaxed attitude.

If you'd like to submit your application you can do so by filling out this form.


A collection of present and past campaigns in which our unit was engaged in.